Postgraduates Studies in Optics

 Optics is one of Physics’ most dynamic fields and is currently undergoing a revolutionary process, comparable only to the effects Electronics had on this century. This modifies Communications (and their immediate future) on a daily basis and also affects other fields.

The INAOE, a pioneer in the national fields of Optics, Electronics and Astrophysics, also has important Postgraduate program and has broadened its leadership in the field of Optoelectronics.

 The INAOE has contributed to training high quality human resources. In this manner, we educate scientists and technicians that are up-to-date and able to handle national and international demands.

The Masters in Optics’ program began in 1972 and the Doctorate began in 1985, around this time, the INAOE contributed significantly. Later on, the Optics Postgraduate Programs were combined with other national centers as a part of the National Optoelectronics Postgraduate Program (PRONAPOE). This effort now gives students full access to a wide range of specialized studies, available at all Institutions involved in the program.

The Program had a strong personnel of distinguished scientists since the beginning, this led to it being considered a Postgraduate Program with Academic Excellence within the CONACyT National Register of Postgraduate Quality (PNCP). The program has supplementary programs such as: Bachelor’s Thesis and Preparation Courses that guarantee successful admission. Currently, we have 48 Masters students and 47 Doctorate students. The success of our students is backed by ambitious studies programs and support systems that ensure a high quality education.

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