Information processing and computing, communications system’s (and their control) along with automation are all based on circuits and electronic systems which are very fast and complex. The industrial, scientific, commercial and domestic sectors’ interest and growing demand is causing great development and progress in Electronics. Everyday, new technologies are created and new concepts are developed in a continuous and endless advancement of technology.


The INAOE is aware of this situation, and since 1974 we have made an effort to train and educate first class human resources with a high academic level. Our graduates and personnel, will have the ability to solve the scientific and technological problems that our country is facing, focused mainly on developing microelectronics (solid state sensors), the design of system circuits and CAD automation and control. We offer postgraduate studies in all these fields.

Electronics will play a major role in national competitiveness and in its current development. Since we are aware of this, or goal is to provide our professionals with the abilities and aptitudes necessary for solving this challenge.


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