Postgraduate in Astrophysics’ Program  

Astronomy is an ancient science it tries to explain the Universe’s phenomena through Physics and other (similar) sciences. It also aspires to explain the origin, formation and evolution of different celestial objects: planets, stars and galaxies.

Our country has a strong astronomical tradition that is still alive today thanks to the scientific capacity of these important figures: Luis Enrique Erro, Guillermo Haro and Luis Rivera Terrazas.

 To continue with these efforts, the INAOE offers the Astrophysics Postgraduate Program, which is backed by a long history of important astronomical discoveries that were carried out since the beginning, on the Institute’s “Schmidt Camera”.

This intense work is captured by a collection of astronomical plates that is considered one of the world’s most complete collections because it includes observations made since 1944.

Astronomical research continues in the “Guillermo Haro” observatory in Cananea, Sonora, which has a telescope with a 2.12 m diameter. Also, our astronomers work and carry out observations in prestigious international observatories.

Currently, the construction of the Large Millimetric Telescope is under way, this makes it impossible to postpone human resource training and the development of Astrophysics research. This will make Astronomy a first class science which will answer to our country’s needs.


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